What Smells Repel Monmouth County Mice

One of the most terrible things for homeowners is to see mice moving in their living space. They often find a way inside the home when the temperatures outside home become extreme as they cannot tolerate it. Many people find great difficulty in trapping New Jersey mice and with time it starts becoming a permanent member of the house along with its family members. If you want to know some easy tricks to get rid of mice; go through the details below. It will help you to get rid of these unwanted creatures from your property.

Mice do not like peppermint so it can be an effective trick to make them move out of your house. Most of the homeowners prefer to grow mint in their garden and use it to make their tea more delicious. Right from today, you can also use mint leaves to scare the mouse as well. This herb can save your house from terrible attacks.

Bay Leaves:
However, they are expensive than peppermint but they can help you to get rid of Monmouth County mice in a very short time. The idea is to collect few fresh bay leaves, crumble them and then simply sprinkle them in the area where you often see mice wondering in your house.

Cayenne Pepper:
Studies reveal that mammals are capable enough to smell and taste the chemical compounds that are found in hot peppers and it is quite harmful to New Jersey mice. Sprinkling a small amount of cayenne pepper will be the best idea to keep rodents away from your living space. But this idea is not useful if you don't have pets at home because it can also cause eye irritation to dogs and cats.

Cloves have a much strong scent that can repel Monmouth County mice. In order to use this substance effectively to keep your house safe from mice attack, simply wrap cloves in cheesecloth and then place them in targeted areas such as basements and attics. You can also put them in front of walls where you often observed them wondering all day long.

When urine of animals is decomposed, it generates ammonia. Mice have fear of this smell because it makes them feel that they are surrounded by a large animal that can eat them. Thus in order to make them run out of the home you can sprinkle few drops of ammonia in the area that is most affected by mice attacks. But it should be used in a limited amount as too much amount can be harmful to pets and animals as well.

Cat Hair:
Cat hairs are never liked by New Jersey mice, it makes them run away from the area where they observe these hair. If you have a friend who owns a cat, prefer to get some hair of his cat after comb. Sprinkle these hair in the area and it will soon make these rodents move out of the house in fear. All these techniques are well trusted and are already tested by many homeowners. You can also give them a try to make your home safe from rodent attack.

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