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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Monmouth County! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Monmouth County, NJ. Just when you thought the noise, damage and mess was the worst thing to worry about with a wild animal invasion, there's worse news on the horizon. The urine and feces left behind by these creatures are often rather dangerous in terms of disease. Did you know at colonies spread a disease called histoplasmosis via their guano, or bay droppings? That's not all you need to worry about either - raccoons, rats, squirrels, etc., — their droppings and urine could transmit a number of diseases. That's why it's important to deal with a wildlife control problem the right way - by calling people like us! We're a family run business who's had over a decade working in the wildlife control industry, and we've got all the latest state of the art tools and equipment to get your job done properly, and the right way. We won't use poisons, unsteady relying on exclusion devices and live cage traps to safely and humane the creatures giving you problems. All of our staff are fully trained, and we're around 24/7 - over the phone and in person. Our phones are manned around the clock, and we have technicians working in your area to handle same-day and emergency appointments. For a free ballpark quote over the phone, or a written quote, give us a call today! Call us now at 732-606-4077 for your Monmouth County wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Removal Monmouth County and Our Services:

Same-day or next-day appointments.

Thorough inspection of your property and attic.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Fully New Jersey licensed and insured.

Poison-free Monmouth County rodent control - rats and mice.

Experts in New Jersey bat removal from buildings.

Monmouth County raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Monmouth County bird control services.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service Middlesex County, Ocean County, Mercer County, Richmond County, and Burlington County. We also service Aberdeen Township, Freehold Township, Middletown, Howell Township, Neptune Township, Long Branch, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Farmingdale, Wall Township, Keyport, Red Bank, Spring Lake, and more.

Monmouth County Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Will Repellents Get A Rodent Out Of The Attic?

If you have a rodent in your attic, you will probably want to get it out as soon as possible. A quick search online will show you numerous repellents and home remedies that claim to produce amazing results with minimal effort on your part. Despite the claims and success stories, there are very few cases where repellents truly get rodents to leave. In most cases where they work, it is simply a coincidence. You can still try some of the repellents if you want, just know what to expect and which ones won't be harmful to you or your family.

Moth Balls
No matter the type of rodent in your attic, the internet will claim that moth balls are a great solution. They are incredibly affordable and their main ingredient, naphthalene, is found in multiple commercial repellents designed for squirrels, rats, and every animal in between. In theory, the strong smell of moth balls will annoy the rodents, sending them packing. In reality, they will just get used to the stench and tolerate it since they worked hard to find a great living situation. To make matters worse, mothballs are also carcinogens, meaning that they cause cancer and they also poison the environment.

You will find similar advice for ammonia, since rodents theoretically dislike the smell. Just like with moth balls, however, they will tolerate it and the ammonia can be hazardous to your health.

Peppermint Oil
Depending on the type of rodent you are looking to repel, you may find peppermint oil as a popular natural repellent. Any expert will tell you that most rodents don't actually dislike the smell of peppermint oil. Even if they did, as mentioned above, they aren't likely to leave a comfortable home just because of a smell. If, however, you want to try a home remedy or repellent without spending much money and putting your family at risk, then go ahead and try this method. It doesn't hurt, but it probably won't produce results.

Human Hair And Predator Urine
Both natural repellent options, human hair and predator urine, work on the same theory. Rodents don't like the smell of humans and see us as a threat and the same is true of predators. Therefore if they smell us or a predator, they will decide it is dangerous and go in the other direction. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that some rodents, like rats, have gotten used to living with humans because of all the scraps we accidentally leave for them. While rodents are truly afraid of predators, they are also used to living near them. That is why they are so fast and good at hiding. If given the choice between definitely dying outside without shelter or possibly dying inside where there may be a rodent they can hide from, they will stay inside.

Sound Machines
If you want to waste a good amount of money, then invest in an ultrasonic sound machine. There are some that claim to work on all animals while some only say they work on specific animals. These machines emit a sound that isn't within the human range of hearing, but can theoretically be heard by rodents and other animals. In theory, the sound will annoy the rodents and they'll leave. Any wildlife professional will tell you these don't work and there have even been official warning issued against them.

Getting A Pet
Most recommendations say to get a pet cat to take care of your rodent problem, but dogs are also a common suggestion. While these animals will probably keep the living areas of your home free from rodents and other pests, they aren't going to be able to reach animals in the attic or walls. After all, how would a cat get up there to take care of the rodents?

What To Do Instead
If repellents don't work to get rid of rodents in the attic, then you may be wondering what to do. There are two main options. You can either use the exclusion method which involves sealing all but one entry points and placing a one-way door over the remaining one. The other choice is to seal all entry points and then trap and relocate or trap and kill the rodent, with killing only really being an option in the case of smaller rodents found in high numbers such as mice.

Luckily, you don't have to get the rodents out of your attic by yourself. A wildlife removal expert can take care of the pests for you, regardless of what type of rodent they are or how many are present. They will remove the rodents and then work with you to make sure that your attic doesn't attract any new animals. Listen to their advice about removing potential food sources and sealing up entry holes and you shouldn't have a repeat issue.