Humane Monmouth Raccoon Removal Methods

Getting rid of a Monmouth County raccoon, and at the same time making sure it doesn't get hurt or killed in the process, can be extremely difficult. Following are some of the tips which might help you to get rid of a raccoon as humanely as possible:

Humane Removal Methods for A Raccoon
It is safe to say that a New Jersey raccoon infestation is quite common. They are cute little furry creatures who can destroy your entire yard or throw your garbage around making a huge mess of things! So it is safe to say, that in such times, the cuteness of an animal should be ignored unless you like having a messed up dirty house with critters running around.

1. Make Some Traps
Carefully trapping raccoons by making some homemade traps is a good idea for keeping them out. The traps will ensure the following things:
• Trap a raccoon without hurting it.
• Leaves no mess behind.
• Traps aren't strong enough to kill a Monmouth County raccoon should they struggle for freedom.
• Traps aren't that light to let a raccoon free itself easily provided you are a good builder.
You can also buy some traps from the markets. The trap can be filled with bait and kept in places a raccoon is suspected to wallow around. Once the raccoon enters, the door shuts hence trapping the raccoon without hurting it.

2. Repellents
If you're not keen enough with the idea of traps, then try using some repellents. Although there are multiple raccoon repellents available online or in the markets, you can always try some homemade recipes or scents for repellents. However, the repellents keep the raccoons or any other rodent away temporary or for a short amount of time. A few dosage of odors will cause the critter to get used to the smell hence the problem of infestation will again commence shortly.

3. Poison
Although this can't be counted as a humane way of keeping the New Jersey raccoons away, but sometimes critters bug you till you lose your mind. However, raccoon poison is said to be illegal in many states so check the laws before jumping to this procedure. Also, it is better to save it for the last even if your law does allow you to use it so.

4. Sprinklers
Raccoons hate getting wet or having water on their fur. So one way to avoid them from breaking in, is to install some sprinklers around your yard. This will enable the critter to run away in the opposite direction. They will also avoid coming to your house for some time.

5. Sounds or Ultrasonic Waves
Getting devices which emits ultrasonic waves or high sounds can keep the Monmouth County raccoon away temporarily. The sound immediately creates a shrill sensation in a raccoon and it runs away avoiding the house for good.

6. Hire A Professional
If all else fails, then consult with a professional or a wildlife expert. They usually grab the raccoons or other critters with their snares and let them free in the wild or zoos. So, let the professionals take care of your critter problem if it becomes too much to handle

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