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Humane Monmouth Rat Removal

Using poison to kill New Jersey rats is not always a good option, especially when you have kids and pets at home because it can be mistakenly eaten by them as well. That is why most homeowners keep on searching for some humane methods to get rid of rat from their property. The great news is that some simple and effective pest control solutions can help you to be little gentle with the rats and force them naturally to move out of the house. Trusted methods for rat removal without becoming a cruel rat killer:

Rat proofing:
If Monmouth rats in your house are not a big problem but they just keep on chewing wires or puncture the water pipes then it is good to use some natural deterrent to get rid of them. The best idea is to create a powerful solution of salad oil with garlic, horseradish and lots of cayenne pepper content. Spray this mixture in the areas that are often attacked by these rats and it will keep them away from your house for many days. However, you may have to repeat the treatment after few days.

Get a cat:
If you are a pet lover, you can also plan to own a furry companion in your house. She will entertain you all the time while scaring the rats to enter the house. But note that this method should not be used if you have already distributed some rat killer poison in the house as it can be harmful to your pet also.

Trap and release:
People who don't want to kill New Jersey rats also prefer to use live traps to catch them and throw them out of the house. These live traps are easily available in the market and you have to use favorite food rat to attract them into this trap. Most of the people love to use cheese to trap them fast. But once you are successful in trapping this tiny annoying creature, make sure to release it at least 100 meters away from the house so that he cannot find his way back to your property.

Block the entry points:
Once you have successfully thrown them out of your house, the next important thing to do is block all the rat entry points in your house. Prefer to do regular maintenance at home so that all the entry and exit points can be covered well. Note that, rats can easily chew plastic material so you have to use some solid items to cover those entry holes so that rat can be blocked out of the house.

Some natural remedies:
It is also possible to remove Monmouth rats from your property without killing them by using some natural methods. Rats are sensitive to few smells so you can take advantage of this fact. Prefer to sprinkle ammonia into their hole or use cat hair to scare them. Rats cannot tolerate the smell of pepper as well as it inflates their lungs immediately. Other options are onion and bat leaves.

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