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Monmouth County Rat Traps That Work

We all love New Jersey rats but only to the extent of Tom and Jerry. Most of us have always favored Jerry over Tom but is it the case in real life too? Well, not really! Rats are so annoying, especially when you see them around the house. There are many rate repellents and traps that are available in the market that promise to tap the rat and end the problem for you but these don't always work. So we thought to come up with some great and effective rat traps and list them for you in this article below. The idea is to make rat removal easier and rat traps more effective.

1. The Bottle Trap
A very handy trap is the bottle trap that does not require you anything except for just a single old bottle. You can cut the bottle from the top in order to just leave the lower, deep part of the bottle intact. You can place a cheese right in the middle of the bottle and put it aside. It is best to put it under a table or higher shelf so that the Monmouth rat finds route to reach the bottle. The rat can be attracted to the food item that is right inside the bottle. You should be very generous with the food you put in the bottle so that it attracts the rat sooner. Once the rat falls inside the pitfall, there is no escape for it after that!

2. The Swinging Lid Trap
There are dust bins that come with a swinging lid. It is important to remember that rats are not the best pro climbers and they cannot climb as expertly as you would expect them to. So a swinging lid is a great trap to make the rat fall into the bin when it falls over the lid and the lid swings.

3. The Over-Counter Trap
One common place at home where the New Jersey rats run and walk around like a king is the kitchen counters and shelves. Since most kitchen counters are full of food products, it is a great place for the rats to run around and live a happy life with a full tummy. So the over-counter trap is perfect. You can place a bin or bucket on the floor right where the counter ends. You can place pieces of food like cheese or bread on the counter edge and build a paper tunnel towards the food. The rat will most likely fall prey for this trap as they cross the paper tunnel to reach the food and fall over the counter into the awaiting bucket or dust bin instead.

4. The Glass or Cup Trap
The traditional rat trap is glass or cup trap. This however requires a lot of skill and swiftness as you have to place the cup or glass right over the Monmouth County rat. It is important to remember that rats are super-fast and you will have to move very quickly too.

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